Newspaper: Gagik Tsarukyan Prefers ‘Neither Authorities Nor Oppositi


Tuesday, April 30, 13:04

A Yerevan-based 168-Zham newspaper reports that after Tigran Sargsyan
was appointed Prime Minister of Armenia, business representatives of
the Prosperous Armenia Party have been making efforts of
reconciliation with him. In the meanwhile, the political wing of the
party offers a tougher political course, for instance, Vartan Oskanian
offers joining the opposition, the paper writes.

According to the source, Leader of Prosperous Armenia Gagik Tsarukyan
still prefers the “neither authorities nor opposition” version. To
reconcile the conflicting parties, G. Tsarukyan will shortly declare
that he is ready for the parliamentary elections of 2017 and the
presidential elections of 2018. To sound more convincing, Tsarukyan
will have to explain why he did not run for president in 2013 and
substantiate the expediency of running for president in 2018.

“If the slogan ‘Tsarukyan-President’ proves insufficiently convincing,
Prosperous Armenia Party may split into several groups: businessmen,
radical opposition, and neutral apolitical figures,” the paper writes.

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