Mosque Foundation In Turkey Applies For Armenian Church Renovation

25.03.2010 12:07

A foundation for the construction and renovation of mosques has
applied to the Turkish Culture Ministry to restore the Armenian
Tashoron Church in the neighborhood that is known as the birthplace
of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink.

According to Latif Yıldırım, head of the Tepebası Mosque
Construction and Preservation Society, the decision to undertake
the renovation was made in 2009. The foundation also asked for the
opinions of non-governmental organizations and of the non-Muslim
public in the CavuÅ~_oglu neighborhood of Malatya, he said, the
Hurriyet Daily News reports.

In 2010, the project further improved. Pointing out that they set off
with the belief that there should be tolerance and dialogue between
religions, Yıldırım said there were many mosques in Europe.

"The TaÅ~_horon Church was built in the Ottoman era. This is proof
that our culture is based on tolerance and freedom of faith," said
Yıldırım. "Those were the times that people used to live together
and could do their religious exercises freely. We applied for the
project via the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism. There
seems to be nothing to hinder us now. The church will be re-opened
first under the supervision of the Sivas Protection Committee and
then the renovation costs will be determined. Then we will start
the operations. The renovation will also be financially supported by
Malatya Municipality."

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