Turkey Violated



Judging by the meeting of the Obama-Erdogan, Turkey managed to
extract from it the benefits and provided the American president
with its approaches concerning the Armenian and Turkish process,
said Kiro Manoyan who is in charge of the ARF Bureau Hay Dat. ‘This
time too Turkey managed to present its positions somehow convincing
the American president’, – says Manoyan.

He believes that this is another convenient reason for the Armenian
authorities to declare a violation by Turkey of the rules of the
football diplomacy and to leave the negotiation process. Kiro Manoyan
considers symptomatic the fact that the Turkish parliamentary committee
on foreign relations did not issue its opinion on December 7 on the
Armenian-Turkish protocols, despite the deadline in accordance with
the Turkish legislation.

‘The later we leave the process, the deeper we will go and the
possibility to reduce our harms will decrease’, – said Kiro Manoyan.

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