NKR: Interview To Turkish Journalist


NKR Government Information and Public Relations Department
November 16, 2009

On November 15, NKR Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan gave an interview
to the journalist of the Turkish "Akhsham" periodicals N.Alchi. The
Prime Minister answered a number of various questions referring
to the negotiation process round the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict
settlement and the regulation of Armenian-Turkish relations. The Prime
Minister particularly underlined that people of Artsakh chose the way
of independent statehood formation and the international community
is obliged to regard the self-determination right of Artsakh people.

The fact of impossibility of any overall settlement of the conflict
without Artsakh party’s engagement into the negotiation process
was noted as well. The Prime Minister repeated his recently issued
statement that no issue on concessions is touched upon at the present
stage, the framework of mutual concessions will be determined only
in case of recognizing the self-determination right of the NKR.

"People of Artsakh will prefer struggle to any resolution contradicting
the interests of the NKR",- A.Haroutyunyan stated.

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