Political Prisoner Tigran Arakelyan Released


11:43 09.10.09

Yesterday, at around 6 pm, political prisoner Tigran Arakelyan was
set free from the prison hospital.

The Republic of Armenia General Prosecutor, upon reviewing Arakelyan’s
criminal case, taking into account that the fundamental investigation
has already been carried out and releasing Arakelyan will not hinder
the future investigation process, as well as the diagnosis by the
Republic of Armenia Ministry of Health’s chief opthalmologist which
states that the accused is beginning to show signs of optic nerve
subatrophy, has given instructions to change the precautionary measure
towards Arakelyan (keeping him in custody) to a signed oath not to
flee from the country.

Over the past few weeks, numerous activists and supporters had been
demanding Arakelyan’s release, warning about his deteriorating health.

Upon his release, he was greeted by friends holding banners and
applauding. While briefly speaking with journalists, Arakelyan
said that his vision was impaired, and in fact, the injury was
apparent. Continuing, he said that serious treatment was needed. One
could also see that Arakelyan was ill overall and was walking with
some difficulty.

As for his release, Arakelyan said that, in the end, he didn’t know
why they arrested him and then why they released him from custody.

Arakelyan walked toward the park with Saryan’s monument where he
was greeted by participants of political affairs shouting "Tigran,
Tigran!" (By participants of political affairs, we mean those
individuals who often gather in public spaces in the city for a
particular political cause. These are ongoing, informal gatherings
which began after the events of March 1, 2008.)

Referring to the increase in the severity of charges against him,
Arakelyan said that doesn’t interest him, since he is not guilty and
they have to acquit him.

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