Regulations Of Public Council Sent To Armenian President


Noyan Tapan

Se p 24, 2008

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 24, NOYAN TAPAN. The newly created regulations
of the Public Council under the Armenian president were recently
presented to Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and sent to his legal
service for examination. Garnik Isagulian, an advisor to the president,
a member of the Public Council, announced this at the September 24
press conference.

According to him, S. Sargsyan signed a decree on developing the
regulations of the Public Council on June 13. Since that time the PC
members have convened 12 plenary sittings, met with representatives of
more than 320 NGOs, received and discussed 511 application-proposals
from various strata of society. Each of the three preliminary
versions of regulations was discussed and assessed. In the words
of G. Isagulian, the final version includes all the proposals and
provisions from the indicated three versions.

Under the regulations, the Public Council is composed of 36
members. The president of the country, deputies of the National
Assembly, government members, members of the Constitutional Court,
judges, heads of state and local self-government bodies, servicemen
of the armed forces, as well as employees of the police, the national
security service, tax and customs bodies, and prosecutor’s office
may not be members of the Public Council.

Out of the 36 members of the Public Council, 12 are appointed by the
RA president, another 12 are appointed from the 12 commissions (by
sectors) of the Public Council and another 12 members are appointed by
the above mentioned 24 citizens who are already members of the Public
Council. The powers of a member of the PC are terminated 4 years after
the day of the first sitting of the Public Council. The chairman of
the Public Council is appointed by the president of the country.

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